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Science 8 - Physical

Textbook -
    Title:  Focus on Physcial Science
   Publisher:  Prentice Hall
    CD-ROM available

Safety Contract -

Units -
    Introduction - Safety, Review: Scientific Method, Metrics & Graphing
        Measurement converter
        Metric Conversion link - it's great!
Chemistry -Chemistry Guides
    Chapter 14 & 15 - An Introduction to Matter & Changes in Matter
           States of matter
          Gas Laws

    Chapter 16 - Elements and the Periodic Table
      Periodic Table links
        Periodic Table
          Visual periodic table
          More on the periodic table of elements
          Peroidic table with a twist

   Chapter 18 - Atoms and Bonding
      Chemistry links
    Simple, Common and Interesting Molecules

      Molecule of the Month
        Atoms atoms everywhere
        History of chemistry
        Models of molecules (this will help you with your molecule project)
        Molecular finder  (this will also help with your molecule project)

   Chapter 17 - Chemical Reactions
          Reactions are a part of chemistry

      Chapter 19, 20 & 21 - Acids, Bases, and Solutions, Exploring Materials & Chemistry
        of Living Systems
    pH scale and acids/bases
      What do the recycling numbers mean?
        Polymers in nature

Astronomy -Astonomy guides
    Chapter 22 - Earth, Moon, and Sun
           Planet Earth Diary of Events
           Moon interactive page

    Chapter 23 - The Solar System
           Nine Planets web page
         Stunning Photos
           Virtual Universe
           NASA home page
           Solar System live
          Mars Viking  mission
        Chronology of space exploration
         Jupiter and new discoveries

    Chapter 24 - Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
           Windows to the Universe
           Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Physics -Physics guides
      Chapter 1 - Motion
        Motion - interactive media

    Chapter 2 & 3 - Forces & Forces in Fluids
         Force game
        Buoyant Forces

    Chapter 4 & 5 - Work and Machines & Energy and Power
        Work & energy - interactive media

Assignments -
Table of Contents -Interactive Notebook
Lectures -

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    Phone number (714) 288-9257

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