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                          Science Interactive Notebook
     Science Interactive notebooks will be used in this class daily to help you learn and remember important scientific concepts.  Why do they work?  This notebook style uses both the right and left brain hemispheres to help you sort, categorize, remember and creatively interact with the new knowledge you are gaining.  This is a unique means of organizing student work.  It is no more work than any other science class.  It will dramactially improve student learning!  Just watch.
    The science notebook is a written record of student learning.  Expectations are that each student will communicate their understanding of the purpose of the unit as a whole and of individual activities.  The students will record (in their own words and drawings) procedures, investigations, experimental design, data collection, conclusions, reflections, and questions for further investigation.

                                       Think as a scientist...
                                                Record as a scientist...
                                                        And to reflect as a scientist!

                       Left Side Items
    The left spiral page demonstrates your understanding of the information from the right side page.  You work with the input, and interact with the information in creative, unique and individual ways.
    Every left side page gets used!  (unless told otherwise)  Always use helps the brain learn and organize information.  The left side pages has only even numbered pages.
    Examples of what would go on the left side:
brainstorming, mind mapping, concept maps, Venn diagrams, pictures, drawings, diagrams, flow charts, reflections, writing prompts, riddles, poems, sketches, cartoons, timelines.

                       Right Side Items
    The right side spiral has only odd numbered pages.  The right spiral page is for writing down information you are given in class.  When the teacher lectures, you take notes on the right side.  When you take book notes or video notes they go on the right side, ALWAYS!  You are to take cornell style notes. (unless told otherwise)  Lab  instructions are to go on the right side.  Any worksheet you recieve will go on the right side. (unless told otherwise)