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Hewes Middle School

Earth Science Laboratory Regulations

    The following regulations have been compiled for the safety of students performing experimental work in the Earth science classes.Strict observance of the regulations is mandatory.All students attending Hewes Middle School and enrolled in Science 6 – Earth Science must follow these regulations.

    Students and parents are to read these regulations, sign the form, and return it to the instructor. This procedure must be completed before a student can begin any laboratory activity.The student should keep a copy of the regulations in his or her notebook for future reference.

General –

1.NEVER run in the classroom and keep aisles clear.


2.Follow directions exactly!


3.Perform all experiments carefully and in such a manner as to ensure the safety of all persons.


4.Perform only those experiments specifically designed or approved by the instructor.Unauthorized experiments will not be permitted.


5.ALWAYS wear appropriate eye protection, as directed by the instructor, when working in the laboratory.


6.Report any accident to the instructor at once.No matter how minor you think it is.Accidents happen.


7.Always keep a neat and orderly workstation.You are required to clean up your mess.


8.Always wear appropriate clothing/shoes and tie long hair and jewelry back.

Handling Equipment –

1.Be sure all containers, such as test tubes, beakers, and flasks, are clean before using.


2.Never point the mouth of a test tube toward your face or toward your neighbor while you are heating the tube.Always slant a test tube when heating it and apply heat along the test tube, not just the very bottom.


3.Never drink out of laboratory glassware.


4.Do not pass your hand or arm over any heat source.


5.Always turn off any heat source when not in use.


6.Pass scissors, scalpels, dissecting needles, and other sharp-edged instruments with their handles extended when handling them to other students.


7.To avoid injury, keep instruments in their designated places when not in use.


8.Wash all equipment before you leave your workstation.


9.Check your equipment, before you start your lab, for any damage.


10.NEVER use a metric ruler or meter stick as a toy.It always stays on your desk when not in use as a measuring device.

Chemicals –

1.Read labels carefully before taking materials from containers.
2.Never taste or drink anything in the laboratory unless specifically directed by the instructor to do so.Poisonous substances are not always so labeled.If you taste or swallow any chemical accidentally, report the fact, at once, to the instructor.

3.In case of a burn from an acid or alkali, wash the affected area immediately with plenty of running water.Then report to the instructor at once.

4.NEVER add water to an acid.Instead, add acid slowly to the water and stir constantly.

5.When noting the odor of any liquid, do not put your face directly over the container.Rather, fan a little of the vapor toward you by sweeping your hand above the top of the container.

6.NEVER mouth-pipette any chemical.

7.Dispose of all waste chemicals as directed by the instructor.NEVER return unused chemicals to containers.

8.Wipe up immediately any relatively harmless substances spilled on the floor or desktops.Tell the instructor about spills of harmful substances.

9.When working with chemicals that could injure your eyes, you must wear eye protection.

Plants and Animals –

1.Never handle animals in the laboratory unless directed to do so by the instructor.
2.Never insert your fingers or objects through the wire mesh of animal cages to poke or pet animals.

3.Notify the instructor at once if an animal bites you.

4.Never bring poisonous plants or animals to school


(Detach and return signed forms to science instructor)

Student’s Statement

THIS IS TO CERTIFY that I have read pages 1 through 3 of the “Earth Science Laboratory Regulations” which are prescribed by Hewes Middle School and hereby agree to abide by them at all times while in the laboratory.
Signature of studentDate

Parent’s or Guardian’s Statement

I have read pages 1 through 3 of the “Earth Science Laboratory Regulations” and give my consent for ___________________________________________ to engage in laboratory activities using a variety of science equipment and materials including those described.I hereby pledge my cooperation in urging that my daughter/son observe the safety regulations, which are prescribed by Hewes Middle School.


Signature of parent or guardianDate