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How to be Successful in Class

Science is a course demanding concentration in the classroom, with homework and studying at night. Don’t fall behind!


Required everyday
spiral notebook (large - 200-500 pg., hard, plastic cover)
lined notebook paper
graph paper
index cards & ring (use for vocabulary words)
several sharpened pencils
pens – blue & black
colored pencils



glue stick

*You should be prepared everyday, so bring all your materials to class. Get organized!!!!


Homework will be stamped showing you completed it on time. No late homework is accepted. No stamp, no credit. When you arrive for class, immediately get your homework out on the table. I will start stamping as soon as the bell rings. If it is not out, when I pass by, you will not receive a stamp.
Lab reports, projects, and homework packets will be accepted late, but a one-point penalty per day for a maximum of 5 days, excluding weekends will be deducted from your total score. Again, no stamp on the homework, no credit (even if done late). After the fifth day past due, I will not accept the assignment.
Notebooks will be turned in at the end of each unit on test days. It must be turned in before the test begins. You must keep track of all assignments in your notebook.


Tests will be given at the end of each unit or at the end of a chapter. You will have a 1-week advance notice of an upcoming test. It will be posted on the board and on the homework hotline.
Short quizzes may be given at any time, so come to class prepared each day. Attendance is important.
Attendance is important, but people do get sick. If you do get sick or are unable to attend class, being absent does NOT excuse you from any assignment. You are expected to call the homework hotline for missed assignments and when you return you are to pick up any missed handouts and complete them. I DO NOT excuse anyone for missed assignments because you were absent.
You will have one day to make up worksheets, but workbook assignments must be done when you come back to school. Remember I will stamp your work for credit only if done in the correct time frame.
Lecture notes will be written in the science notebook (spiral notebook) using the Cornell style note taking.
Current grades will be posted frequently, so keep track of your progress and there will be no surprises. If you think I made a mistake on your grade you must let me know immediately after school. Please keep all graded assignments in case I make a mistake (I’m not perfect!!!!).You must know your student identification number because I post grades with only your id number.

I DO NOT give grades, you earn your grade. Grades will be based on your accumulation of points (tests, quizzes, homework, projects, labs, etc.) and will be figured using the following standard percentage scale:

100 – 90% = A

89.9 – 80% = B

79.9 – 70% = C

69.9 – 60% = D

59.9 – 0% = F

A 2% adjustment may be made based on attendance and participation. I keep track of everything in my classroom (good and bad). If your grade falls below a C, I recommend that you go get tutoring. Ask your parents or me for help. Tutoring is available on campus. Talk to Mrs. Stone.

Extra Credit

Extra credit is offered periodically in my class, but I would not rely on that to help bring your grade up a full letter grade. It will help if you are close to the next higher grade.

See extra credit sheet. This sheet is usually available on Thursday’s unless I chose to do something else or I feel it is not necessary for the week. 

Tips for Parent Involvement (from the CTA & PTA)

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