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Cornell Style Notes

Writing for Understanding-

The more you write about what you are learning, the more you will understand all of the information that you need to remember.This section on writing shows you all the important ways to use writing to understand, to remember, to analyze, to reflect, to think, as well as to develop essays for class assignments.
Your Success in Class is based on Good Notes – *please reference Essential Study Skills for Science Students
Class and book notes form the foundation for students’ success in academic class and for study groups.Again and again, students say that their ability to take good, Cornell style notes help them be successful in high school, a job right after high school, community college, four-year colleges and universities, and also in their new careers.Learn to take thorough, useable reference-handy notes from school lectures, books, discussion, films, and work-related activities.This takes time, practice, and familiarity with the note taking strategies.

Cornell style notes have been used in law schools for many years.It is now being used in high schools, middle schools, and junior high schools across the country.

Topic                                                                                                                   Name
The left hand side is used                        Mark a wide left margin (approx. 1/3 of the page).
for study questions and
main ideas.
                                                             Right-hand side is used for specific information.

                                                              While taking notes, write in the right hand column.

                                                              Use abbreviations.  (See essential study skills)

Within 24 hours of taking
notes, develop study questions                Paraphrase to capture content but simplify writing.
and identify  main ideas about
specifics in the right hand                        Use symbols (arrows, circles) or highlight important
comlumn                                                  information, ideas/words that are unclear,
                                                               relationships between ideas/information.
                                                               Include graphics (figures, charts) when relevant.
                                                               Skip lines between ideas.
                                                               At end of note taking write a summary paragraph.

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