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Mapping Project - Map Your Backyard

     A map is a representation or a model of a portion of earth’s surface.  In this project you will create a map of your backyard.
    Besides pencil, graph paper, and a ruler, you will need a compass to determine directions.  You will also need to draw a map scale similar to figure 1.  You can make approximate measurements by pacing off distances since using a meter stick might be too slow.  Then you can convert these paced-off distances to meters and complete your map scale.  See web page under intro unit for help converting.
     To find the length of your pace, count off ten paces.  Measure the distance in meters and divide by 10.  This is an average length of each pace.  Now you can measure distances for your map, in meters, by pacing them off.
    After you have completed your measurements, decide on the scale of your map.  You will want to have the features as large as possible, while making sure everything fits onto the map.  Your scale could be in the range of 1 cm = 10 meters or 25, 50, or even 100 meters.  Whatever works for you.
 Table 1
Distance for 10 paces  =                         meters
Distance for 1 pace =                             meters
Map scale: 1 cm =                                  meters

 Now you can begin making your map.  First walk around the area to make a sketch of the items you wish to show on your map; trees, planters, pool, etc.  As you walk try to make your measurements.
 Use your compass to determine the direction.  Draw a compass rose, as shown in figure 2, in the corner of your map.  Use this and your compass to help you keep your direction.
 When you have mapped all important features finish your map with a legend, such as the one in figure 3.

(please note that the figures do not work when I uploaded the page - sorry)

 You are to create your map using a “birds-eye” view and also make the map in color.  Create your map on graph paper.

Due Date = ____________________________!!!!!!!