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May 8, 2002

Dear Hewes Families,

 We will be beginning 6th grade Human Growth and Development instruction in my class on Monday, June 3th, 2002.  In order to give you every opportunity to simultaneously discuss this information with your child, I have included a calendar of what is planned for our class.  In addition to any written work, students will have an oral homework assignment each night.  Students will be asked to relate to their parent/guardian what was discussed in class and have you sign the appropriate worksheets.  Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to continue relevant discussions at home.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 730-7348 or email (


Jocelyn Young
Table: Planned unit for Human Growth and Development
June 3 Pre-test, ground rules, question box, Read Becoming an Adult & Changes During Adolescencehw – Changes during adolescence wksht.
June 4 Read Endocrine System, Discussion – glandscw. – Endocrine system wksht.hw – Is it a girl or boy - *to be done with parents
June 5 Video: Who Am I Now?, questionshw – review video with parents
June 6 Male/female anatomy, overheads & labeling cw/hw - labeling wksht
June 7 Read Human reproduction: eggs/sperm production, pregnancy stageshw – human reproduction wksht. with parents
June 10 Growth & Developmentcw/hw – reproductive system wksht
June 11 STD chart & information, *pretest*cw – STD’S wksht. hw - take home T/F quiz (AIDS) to do with parents
June 12 Immune system, hw - body defenses wksht.
June 13 Human growth & development questions, cw - review wksht.hw – study for test
June 14 Post-test, hw packet due
*Please note that this schedule may vary slightly due to classroom time usage and materials available.