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Chapter 3 - 1
Volcanoes & Plate Tectonics
Right side
volcano -
magma -
lava -

Read 1st paragraph pg. 78

Paste and explain figure.

Figure 2, pg. 80
Figure 3, pg. 81

Left side
Volcanoes - Mtns. of fine wksht.

Chapter 3 - 2
Volcanic Activity
Right side
Exploring a volcano (pg. 85)
    Read inside a volcanoe page 84 and trace the magma flow.

Quiet Eruptions pg. 87

Figure of Mt. St. Helens eruptions to paste and explain

Stages of volcano
    active -
    dormant -
    extinct -

Left side
Predicting eruptions wksht.

Types of Volcanoes pg. 95
Right side
Cinder cone


Composite Cone

Left side
Identifying volcanoes wksht.