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Chapter 8
8 - 1 changing Earth's Surface
Right side
Vocabulary -
    erosion -
    sediment -
    deposition -
    gravity -

1.    3 factors wear down & build-up Earth's Surface
      A.   1.  weathering
            2.  erosion
            3.  deposition
2.  Weathering
    A.  wears away
3.  Erosion
    A.  moves weathered particles
4.  Deposition
    A.  deposits particles

5.    Mass movement
        1.  force that pulls things downhill

6.  Different types of mass movement

    A. landslide         fig. 1, pg. 224
    B. mudflow         fig. 3, pg. 226
    C.  slump            fig 4, pg. 226
    D.  creep             fig 5, pg. 227

Left side
Draw and explain the 4 types of mass movement.

8 - 2 Water Erosion
Right side
Vocabulary -
    groundwater -
    stalactite -
    stalagmite -

1. Moving water is the major agent of the erosion that has shaped Earth's land surface.
    A.  Because of gravity, water moves downhill
2.  Amount of Runoff
    A. Depends on 5 factors
        1.  amount of rain
        2.  vegetation (plants)
        3.  type of soil
        4.  shape of land
        5.  how people use the land

3. Through erosion a river creates:

    A.  valleys, waterfalls, flood plains, meanders, and oxbow lakes
4. Deposition creates landforms such as:
    A.  alluvial fans and deltas
5.    Exploring a river - pg. 236 - 237
6.  Groundwater
    A.  not all water evaporates, some soaks into the ground
    B.  Fig. 13, pg. 238
    C.  fig. 14, pg. 239

Left side


8 - 3 Force of Moving water
Right side
Vocabulary -
1.  2 kinds of energy

    1.  kinetic - energy due to motion
    2.  potential - stored energy
2.    Gravity pulls water down a slope and changes the potential energy to kinetic energy.
3.    How does sediment enter the water?
        A.  washes or falls into a river as a result of:
            1.  mass movement
            2.  runoff
        B.  erodes from the bottom or sides of the river
4.    What affects how fast the river flows and how much sediment it can erode?
        A. rivers slope
        B. volume of flow
        C. shape of its stream bed
5.  Fast flowing rivers-
        A.  carry more and larger particles of sediment
6.    Slow flowing rivers -
        A.  sediment load is deposited
        B.  heaviest falls out first

Left side
Discover activity pg. 243
answer think it over

8-5 and 8-6 Waves and Wind
Right Side

1.   Energy in waves comes from the wind that blow's across the surface
2.  Waves
    A.  energy causes the water to move up and down as the wave goes by
    B.  erosion along coasts are caused by waves

        1.  fig. 23, pg. 253
    C.  Landforms along coasts are caused by waves
        1.  fig. 24, pg. 254
    D.  Sandspits along coasts are from waves depositing sand
        1.  fig. 25
3.  Wind
    A.  powerful in certain areas, weak in others
    B.  wind causes erosion by delfation
        1.  fig. 27, pg. 257
        2.  fig. 28, pg. 257
    C.  wind erosion and deposition may form sand dunes and loess deposits

Left Side
handout - sand dune & landforms along coasts