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Chapter 7 – 1  Rocks and Weathering
Right side
Vocabulary –

1. Weathering
    A.  Breaks down rock and other particles into smaller and smaller pieces
    B.  Erosion carries the pieces away
    C.  Movement caused by:
        1.  Wind
        2.  Water
        3.  Ice
        4. Gravity
2. Mechanical (Physical) Weathering
    A.  Rock is physically broken down
    B.  Processes
        1.  Freezing and thawing
        2.  Heating and cooling
        3.  Growth of plants
        4.  Actions of animals
        5.  Abrasion
3.Chemical Weathering
    A.  Breaks down rocks through chemical changes
    B.  Processes
        1.  Water
        2.  Oxygen
        3.  Carbon dioxide
        4.  Living organisms
        5.  Acid rain
    C.  Produces rock particles that are different from what they started as
4. Rate of Weathering
    A.  Important factors
        1.  Rate at which weathering occurs
        2.  Type of rock and climate
Summary -

Chapter 7 - 2 Soil
Right side
1.Soil formation
    A.  Soil is broken down by weathering
    B.  Mixes with other materials on the surface
2. Bedrock
    A.  Solid layer of rock beneath soil
    B.  Wears down to smaller and smaller particles
    C.  Becomes loose soil
3. Soil Mixture
    A.  Rock particles
    B.  Minerals
    C.  Decayed organic material
    D.  Air
    E.  Water
4. Soil texture
    A.  Soil particles range in size from gravel to clay.
    B.  Sketch and label = fig. 6 pg 208
5. Soil Horizons
    A. it is a layer of soil that differs in color and texture from the layers above or below it.
    B.  Fig. 7, pg. 209
    C.  Draw quick sketch.
6.  Life in soil
    A.  Some soil organisms mix the soil and make spaces in it for air and water
    B.  Some make humus
    C.  Exploring pg. 210-211
7.  Soils in U.S.
    A.  Fig. 9, pg. 213
    B.  Climate and plant life help determine what type of soil forms

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