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Chapter 4 - 1
Properties of Minerals
Right side
    mineral -
    inorganic -
    crystal -
    element -
    compound -
    Mohs hardness scale -

1.  Identify minerals
    A.  Each mineral has its own specific property
    B.  fig. 4, pg. 111
        "all that glitters is not gold"  explain

2.  Mohs scale of hardness
    A.  ranks 10 minerals from softest to hardest
    B.  fig. 5, pg. 112
        What are the 10 minerals?
            talc, gypsujm, calcite, fluorite, apatite, feldspar, quartz, topaz, corundum, and diamond
3.  Color
    A.  fig. 6, pg. 112
        Quartz comes in many colors
4.  Luster
    A.  fig. 7, pg. 113
        metallic vs. silky
5.  Crystal shape
    A.  fig. 8, pg. 114
        properties of some common minerals
6.  Cleavage and fracture
    A.  Fig. 9, pg. 115
        quartz vs. feldspar

Left side
Properties of minerals wksht.

Chapter 4 - 2
How Minerals Form
Right side
1.  Minerals form in two ways:
    A.  through crystallization of melted materials
    B.  through crysallization of materials dissolved in water

Discuss small cyrstals vs. large crystals - pg. 119
    Slow Cooling                                Fast Cooling
cools over long period of time                    cools in  short period of time
large crystals form                                      small crystals or no crystals form
regular pattern                                           little to no pattern
deep below surface                                    closer to surface

Left side
Discover activity pg. 118
answer -  Think it over