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1-1 Motion
Right side
    reference point -
1.    Object is in motion if it change's position relative to a reference point.
2.    Calculating speed
    A.  speed is a type of rate
    B.  rate tells you the amount of something that occurs or change's in one unit of time
    C.  formula
            speed = distance/time   or  time = distance/speed    or distance = speed x time
3.    Constant speed
    A.  speed doesn't change = constant
    B. ex. ship traveling once it reaches cruising speed = constant speed
4.    Average speed
    A.  add distances and time
    B.  formula
            average speed = total distance/total time
5.    Velocity
    A speed and direction of movement


Left side
practice problems

1-2 Converting Units
right side
1.    Converting
    A.  you can convrt one unit of measurement to another
    B.  use a conversion factor
        1.  fraction - denominator and numerator are equal
        2.  units
            a.  m = meter
            b.  d = day
            c.  yr = year
            d.  cm = centimenter
            e.  hr = hour
            f.  s = seconds
2.    Examples
    A.  1 yr equal to 365 days (not 365 1/4 as it should be!)
        1 yr/365 d        or     365 d/1 yr

    B.  1 hr is equal to 60 minutes
        1 hr/60 min        or     60 min/1 hr

    C.  1 min is equal to 60 seconds
        1 min/60 s        or        60 s/1 min

    D.  1 day is equal to 24 hours
        1 d/24hr        or        24 hr/1 d


left side

1-3 Acceleration
Right side
outline given in class

Left side
practice problems pg 29