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Chapter 18 - 1
Right Side

1.  Ecosystem-
    A.  Living and NON living things that interact in a particular area
    B.  Many ecosystems on our planet
        Examples - prairie, streams, mtns., deep oceans, tidepools, dense forests
2. Habitats -
    A.  What does an organism get from its surroundings?
        1.  food
        2.  water
        3.  other things it needs to live and grow
        4.  mates for reproduction
3. Factors -
    A.  Biotic - Bio = life
        1.  living parts of the ecosystem
        2.  animals, plants, bacteria
    B.  Abiotic - a = non, bio = life
        1.  non living parts
        2.  rocks, water, sunlight, oxygen (gas), temperature, soil, etc.
4. Populations -
    A.  ALL members of one species in an ecosystem
    B.  fig. 3, pg. 581
5.  Communities
    A.  All the different populations in an ecosystem
6. Hierarchy
    A.  The smallest unit of organization is a single organism
    B.  Which belongs to a population of other members of its species
    C.  The popuation belongs to a community of different species
    D.  Community and abiotic factors together form an ecosystem.


Left side
Fig. 4, pg. 583 - make into a pyramid of hierarchy